They’re doing everything to make the war last ‘forever’: Greenwald

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Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald joined “The Ingraham Angle” to react to President Biden announcing an additional $800 million aid package for Ukraine.

GLENN GREENWALD: They’re doing everything to ensure that the war goes on forever. You know, it seemed clear from the start that the real U.S. strategy was to try and trap Russia into the kind of war that the U.S. got embroiled in Afghanistan, where you fight an insurgency that can never end, the country gets destroyed, the people of that country suffer, but so does the invader because the U.S. spent two trillion dollars there, only to walk out 20 years later, as if they had never been there when the Taliban waltzed right back in. And of course, the U.S. also helped trap the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and in the 80s by beating what became Al-Qaeda. 


They're doing everything to make the war last 'forever': Greenwald


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