Supreme Court’s EPA decision sparks 5 wacky media meltdowns

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The legacy media weren’t even done screaming about the Supreme Court’s abortion ruling before they had a new crisis to whine about. The Court reined in the EPA, freaking out the left and the media so much that they did the online impersonation of the infamous anti-Trump screamer.

Here are a five of the most entertaining reactions, enough to think the Green New Deal ought to include a few emotional support unicorns for the media.

1. From president to media outlet: No, I don’t mean that president. I mean the one before him. Former president Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are essentially their own media company — with podcasting and a Netflix deal. So, Obama slammed the Supremes, claiming, “Every day, we’re feeling the impact of climate change, and today’s Supreme Court decision is a major step backward.”


Don’t believe it, because Obama doesn’t. If the Obamas were feeling the impact of climate change every day, they wouldn’t have purchased a Martha’s Vineyard “29-acre estate” with “7 bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms.” Right next to the water. Because if they were really feeling the impact, Aquaman would be a regular party guest. 

Supreme Court’s EPA decision sparks 5 wacky media meltdowns

LATE NIGHT WITH SETH MEYERS — Episode 1208A — Pictured: Political commentator Chris Hayes during an interview on October 13, 2021 — (Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)
(Photo by: Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Liberal hypocrisy never bothers the press. People magazine featured the climate comment and gave it its own story. It also wrote in 2019 how the Obamas paid “$11.75M” for their beach hideaway. They just never connected the stories. That would be an inconvenient truth. 

2. Oh no, it’s a ‘threat’: This one was popular with some media types. The Supreme Court is so bad that it’s a “threat” to humans, the earth, the climate or Bob’s Big Boy down the street. (I’d say Chick-fil-A except the left would love it if the Court hurt the makers of what libs call “hate chicken.”)

There’s MSNBC anchor and Rachel Maddow impersonator Chris Hayes tweeting, “Run out of words to describe this court, but, among other things, it’s now a threat to the planet.” Hayes was mocked more than the Cleveland Browns. (OK, maybe not that much.) Kate Aronoff, the climate reporter for the far-left New Republic, agreed. “Minority rule in the United States is a threat to life on earth.” Notice how leftists seldom worry about coal plants in China? That’s because today’s greens are yesterday’s reds.

Sometimes we had the same sentiment, but a different phrasing. The Prospect Managing Editor Ryan Cooper declared, “the Supreme Court is a clear and present danger to all human life on Earth.” Sure…

Supreme Court’s EPA decision sparks 5 wacky media meltdowns

3. The end of the world as we know it: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman apparently still fancies himself a prophet of doom and boom. The doom was a predicted global recession when Trump was elected and the boom was his predicted “Coming Biden Boom.” Instead, the Trump economy flourished until COVID-19. And the Biden boom’s impact on stocks and inflation in bombing.

Now, he warns of global environmental calamity. He tweeted, “Undoing Roe is awful. Kneecapping environmental regulation is existential. This Supreme Court has just come down on the side of civilizational collapse.” 

4. Gizmodo really F— ed up: Most normal people have never heard of Gizmodo with good reason. The tech site is part of the same media business with some of the internet’s more outrageous web properties, like Jezebel and The Root. So, to draw viewers, it F-bombs. A lot. There’s probably a Marine drill instructor serving as a headline consultant. A quick Google search of the site delivers more than 15,000 results for the George-Carlin-esque curse word.

That almost guaranteed this headline: “The Supreme Court Just F—ed the Planet.” (They don’t hyphenate. I do.) What followed was mostly a boring retelling of what the left thinks the ruling means. Until the end, when it bashes some generic leftist bad guys like the Koch brothers and “spreaders of climate denial.”  It’s easy to tell when libs are just phoning it in.

Supreme Court’s EPA decision sparks 5 wacky media meltdowns

Dan Rather arrives on the red carpet for the film "Truth" during the 40th Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada, September 12, 2015. 
(Reuters )


5. It’s Captain Planet!: Nothing is more new agey than so-called journalists pretending to speak for their mother — Mother Earth, that is. Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather, who lost his job for phony reporting, now pretends to speak for an entire planet. “Dear Supreme Court, Thanks for nothing. – Planet Earth.”


And ABC White House correspondent Mary Alice Parks went a step further, tweeting, “Who is going to save the planet?” Both of them are embracing standard leftist psychobabble that humans are some sort of threat to the planet we live on. That’s almost identical to Agent Smith’s “revelation” in “The Matrix” that described humans as “a virus.” “Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You are a plague,” went the monologue. 

That’s how the left sees us. Not them, mind you. Just the rest of us.



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