Olbermann, other liberals offer Disney ‘simple solution’: ‘Move’ multi-billion dollar operation from Florida

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A number of liberal journalists suggested this week that Disney simply move its multi-billion dollar operation from Florida in response to the state taking action to end the company’s special self-governing status.

The Florida state legislature passed a bill this week dissolving Disney’s more than 50-year-old self-governing status after the company publicly feuded with Republicans over a parental rights bill that was signed into law last month. Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed it on Friday.

The move by Florida Republicans has attracted widespread criticism from the left as a form of political retribution.

Olbermann, other liberals offer Disney 'simple solution': 'Move' multi-billion dollar operation from Florida

FILE PHOTO: Fireworks go off around Cinderella’s castle during the grand opening ceremony for Walt Disney World’s Fantasyland in Lake Buena Vista, Florida December 6, 2012. REUTERS/Scott Audette/File Photo
(REUTERS/Scott Audette/File Photo)


“A simple solution to the [Gov. Ron DeSantis’] attack on business, specifically [Disney]. The company should the current [Walt Disney World] in Florida, tear it down, and build a new and better facility in a nearby state NOT run by religious zealot buffoons,” tweeted former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann.

“Disney could move out of Florida, bring their tens of thousands of jobs along with them, and crash and burn Ron DeSantis’ re-election bid,” wrote left-wing journalist Brian Tyler Cohen in a now-deleted tweet.

A Daily Beast editor claimed in another tweet that Florida’s economy would “collapse” if Disney left the state, adding it was “a very strange game” Florida was playing.

NBC reporter Ben Collins agreed, tweeting in response, “From the folks who brought you the expression ‘play stupid games, win stupid prizes,’ we bring you the stupidest game of them all.”

Olbermann, other liberals offer Disney 'simple solution': 'Move' multi-billion dollar operation from Florida

Former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann urged Disney to leave the state of Florida in an April 20, 2022 tweet criticizing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. (Screenshot/Twitter)


The journalists’ suggestions joined a throng of other liberal outlets cheerleading Disney in its battle with DeSantis.

Over the past week, liberal media outlets MSNBC, NBC, CBS and ABC relentlessly criticized Florida Republicans as they reacted to the news that Disney could have its independent government eliminated, vocally supporting the entertainment resort and ridiculing those opposing the Mouse.

Fox News’ Nikolas Lanum and Kyle Morris contributed to this report.


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