Larry Elder: The media thinks Trump’s reemergence will be worse than Biden’s incompetence

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Larry Elder reacted on Thursday’s “Hannity” to President Biden confusing Title 42 and the mask mandate ruling for public transportation. 

LARRY ELDER: A growing number of Democrats, and you’re right, these are people that are in very, very tough races. They’re the ones who are now coming out and saying that we ought to retain the Title 42. And apparently, Joe Biden forgot that from day one, he said he wanted to no longer impose Title 42 and got that confused with the judge who struck down his federal mask mandate. I don’t know whether it’s incompetence, which is scary, or cluelessness which is scarier, or by design which is scariest.


But remember Sean, the Biden administration had two tasks, task number one to make sure that a self-described democratic socialist, Bernie Sanders, did not win the nomination because they felt that even he could not beat Donald Trump. And number two, to defeat Donald Trump. After that, they couldn’t have cared less. That’s why when Wright’s previously earlier talked about why the media is not informing us they couldn’t care less, they think that the reemergence of Donald Trump will be worse no matter what incompetence Joe Biden has done, regarding inflation, regarding crime, regarding porous borders. They think Donald Trump is worse, so they have zero interest in informing the public about the connection between all of these problems and Joe Biden’s policies. 


Larry Elder: The media thinks Trump's reemergence will be worse than Biden's incompetence


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