Kennedy’s great-nephew fought as a volunteer in Ukraine

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Conor Kennedy, grandnephew of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, told how he took part in hostilities in Ukraine. According to him, he was in the war zone briefly as a member of the Ukrainian International Legion.

“Like many people, I was deeply touched by what happened in Ukraine over the last year. I wanted to help. When I heard about the Ukrainian International Legion, I knew I would join, and the next day I went to the embassy to sign up there,” Conor Kennedy wrote on Instagram (owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization).

He said he only told one person that he had joined the Legion and told another his real name. “I didn’t want my family or friends to worry, and I didn’t want them to treat me differently there,” Mr. Kennedy explained.

In February, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky created the Ukrainian International Legion. It consists of foreign volunteers who take part in military actions on the side of Ukraine. Previously, foreign nationals were repeatedly captured by DNR troops and accused of being mercenaries. On June 9, the DNR Supreme Court sentenced Britons Sean Pinner and Aiden Eslin, as well as Moroccan Brahim Saadoun, to death. In September, with the assistance of Saudi Arabia and businessman Roman Abramovich, they were released and returned to their homeland.

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