In Biden’s America, 2022 midterm elections can’t come soon enough

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We are 100 days out from Election Day, and Americans are struggling to keep gas in their tanks and food on their tables. 

The economy is in a recession and the country is on the wrong track, but Joe Biden has only further divided Americans. While families work longer hours and extra jobs just to get by, Democrats are seeking to make these dire economic realities worse or ignore them all together. 

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

Either Democrats have buried their heads so deep in the D.C. swamp that they’re clueless about the challenges Americans face, or they simply don’t care. For voters left behind by Democrats, November can’t come soon enough.

With only a handful of primary races left, we’ve got a good sense of what to expect in November. Republicans across the country are nominating strong candidates at the local, state and federal levels. 


In the Buckeye State, Ohioans have chosen Republican JD Vance to take on far-left Tim Ryan, and in the Keystone State, Pennsylvania Republicans nominated world-renowned surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

Mehmet Oz waves to supporters at a primary night election gathering in Newtown, Pennsylvania, May 17, 2022.
(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

We’re proud to have veterans like Jen Kiggans and Jennifer-Ruth Green running for Congress as Republicans. Female congressional candidates like Madison Gesiotto Gilbert of Ohio and April Becker of Nevada are proof that Democrats don’t have a monopoly on “women’s issues.”

And Black congressional candidates like Wesley Hunt of Texas, Hispanic candidates such as Yesli Vega of Virginia and New Mexico’s Michelle Garcia Holmes, and Asian American candidates, including Michelle Steel of California and Virginia’s Hung Cao, are bucking stereotypes that minority Americans must think a certain way because of their skin color.

And voters agree. The GOP welcomed hundreds of thousands of former Democrats into our party in the past year, and primary races are already showing that the momentum is on our side.

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

Yesli Vega, a congressional candidate for Virginia’s 7th District, speaks during a campaign event on June 20, 2022, in Fredericksburg.
(Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

In North Carolina, Republican turnout was 86% higher than it was in 2018. In Pennsylvania, Republicans boosted their turnout by 75%. And in Ohio, Republicans saw the highest turnout in a midterm primary ever: The GOP doubled Democrat numbers and grew by more than 20% compared to 2018. 

This energy is even enabling Republicans to flip blue districts red. In south Texas, Mayra Flores became the first Republican elected to her seat in more than 150 years, despite Biden winning the district handily in 2020.

It’s obvious why Republicans are gaining ground. The Biden administration has delivered crisis after crisis – and left the American people holding the bag. 

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

Gas prices over $7 a gallon are displayed at a Chevron station on May 25, 2022, in Menlo Park, California. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Basic goods are getting more expensive as inflation hit another 40-year-high thanks to Democrats wasting $1.9 trillion. A gallon of gasoline now sits at nearly $2 more than when Biden took office, making everyday tasks like driving to work and school more difficult. 

An out-of-control border crisis has led to millions of illegal immigrants pouring into our country, allowing terrorists, gang members, and deadly drugs like fentanyl to disappear deep into our communities. Violent crime and smash-and-grab robberies are on the rise thanks to Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies. 


Radical activists are more concerned about indoctrinating schoolchildren with woke gender ideology and anti-American critical race theory than teaching them math and English. 

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

President Biden posted a photo of him speaking on the phone after a call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, July 28, 2022.
(White House)

Biden’s destructive foreign policy has led to a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, kowtowing to foreign dictators, and embarrassment on the world stage. 

With a record like that, no wonder 35 House Democrats have retired or announced they won’t seek re-election this year. Biden’s disastrous administration is pulling them down with him.

While Democrats deflect, Republicans are working to provide solutions. We’re focused on the toll that rising prices are taking on families and believe in unleashing American energy. 

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

We’re fighting to secure the border and give our Border Patrol agents the resources they need. We support police and want to restore law and order to our neighborhoods and make our streets safe again. 

We’re focused on empowering parents and expanding school choice. 


And we’re holding Biden accountable for his America-last agenda. 

These are issues that matter to all Americans, regardless of their background. And they are issues that will win the day come November.

In Biden's America, 2022 midterm elections can't come soon enough

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, speaks to the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit on July 22, 2022.
(Sarah Freeman/Fox News)

Don’t just take my word for it. Look at the results. As of last month, nine of the top 10 states for jobs recovered since the COVID-19 pandemic began are led by Republican governors, and all 10 states have Republican-controlled legislatures. 


On average, Republican-led states have recovered more than 102% of their lost jobs compared to just over 89% for those controlled by Democrats. For hardworking residents of these states, conservative leadership has made all the difference.

The left’s radical, out-of-touch agenda has paved the way for the GOP to be well-positioned for Election Day. But Republicans cannot take anything for granted. We must work day in and day out to hold Biden accountable and turn out every single vote. There’s too much at stake to do anything less.  



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