‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 76, breaks down secrets behind viral youthful photos

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Jaclyn Smith has been going viral for her youthful photos on Instagram – and the star is now happily revealing her secrets.

The actress is recognized by fans for playing Kelly Garrett in the hit ‘70s series “Charlie’s Angels,” which also starred Farrah Fawcett and Kate Jackson. She went on to play Jackie Kennedy Onassis in a 1981 movie before she fully immersed herself in the role of businesswoman.

Today, the 76-year-old has a skincare line that her husband, Dr. Brad Allen, developed just for her, as well as a wig line. Most recently, it was announced that Smith parted ways with Kmart and her longtime clothing collection is currently gearing up for a fall 2022 launch through a licensing agreement with RDG Global LLC.

Smith spoke to Fox News Digital about how she stays in shape, why she believes everyone should ditch trends, as well as how she feels about “Charlie’s Angels” today.




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Fox News: There’s a lot of buzz surrounding how amazing you look. Right off the bat, what’s your secret?
Jaclyn Smith: *Laughs* I’m always surprised when an Instagram photo creates that kind of a result. I mean, who would’ve dreamt it? But the truth is, I live a pretty healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink. I’ve never touched a drug. I exercise daily. I’m married to a heart surgeon who preaches the importance of eating your fruits and vegetables. I enjoy my green drinks. What we put on our bodies shows up on our faces.

It’s also about how comfortable you feel in your skin. Are you loved? Are you appreciated? I feel pretty lucky that at this point in my life, at my age, I can talk to you about beauty. I’m pretty shy talking about it because when you’re constantly judged by it, sometimes it can make you retreat. Growing up in Texas, it was always pretty is as pretty does.

But I’ve never gone through a midlife crisis because I’ve always kept busy working and I’ve always been challenged… It’s rewarding to stay in the game. I’m also not obsessed with aging. I think that ages you. I also live a full life with my two children. Each of them has a daughter and my life revolves around them. They take me back to a place of such magic and innocence. I think all of those things have kept me young.



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Fox News: If we were to go through your fridge, what would we find?
Smith: Lots and lots of fruits and vegetables. I try to have a green drink made from my vegetables to stock up. But listen, I eat meat. I’m gonna have my hamburgers and I’m gonna have my pizza. I love cheese. I’ve gotta have my gummy bears. We gotta enjoy life. I think having everything in moderation is so important. If you’re so strict, it’s going to show up on your personality and your face. You will get a little angry for depriving yourself of so much. If you try too hard to be too strict, you will then splurge and it defeats the whole purpose. Everything in moderation is much more rewarding.


Fox News: What’s your workout routine like?
Smith: I work out with someone and we do Pilates and weights. For me, movement is so important. I feel at a certain age, there’s always going to be some sort of bone loss. I’m also a breast cancer survivor. I did a lumpectomy 20 years ago with radiation and I went on a drug that can cause some bone loss. I also live with a man who loves working out and taking such good care of his body. He always says that exercise is as much for your bones as it is for your brain.

Sometimes I do have to push myself. It does get harder with time. I was a dancer, so I’m very aware of my body. It can be frustrating when your body doesn’t respond in the way that it did 15 years ago. But thankfully, I have a great trainer that I’ve known for many years. My daughter even studied dance with her. She keeps me motivated and challenges me.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 76, breaks down secrets behind viral youthful photos

Jaclyn Smith and her husband Dr. Brad Allen. The couple tied the knot in 1997.
(Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Barneys New York)

When I’m not doing Pilates I get on a recumbent bike. I think it’s so important to stretch and activate those muscles daily.  I try to find simple ways to keep my body moving. For example, I’ll take the stairs over the elevator or go on a long walk on a really nice day. I’ll maybe read a book while I’m on my bike and it no longer feels like a chore. I also think getting a proper amount of sleep is so essential. When you don’t, that shows up on your face, too.

Fox News: What about your skincare?
Smith: My husband developed a line, which is part of our brand. It includes a gentle cleanser and an exfoliator that helps with discoloration. We have two different night creams to keep the skin moisturized and supple. Dryness can age you. One has retinol, which he feels is the gold standard in anti-aging. There’s a body cream that’s really soft and lasts a long time.


The eye cream has ingredients that target dark circles and fine lines. My day cream has pearl dust, which reflects light. Whenever I’m shooting I use that to start and it doesn’t separate makeup. These are products I use and it’s really a labor of love. He put so much research into it. These products are enriched with peptides, antioxidants, retinol and hyaluronic acid, all key ingredients to help with aging. And of course, sunscreen is so essential. He would absolutely tell you that *laughs*.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 76, breaks down secrets behind viral youthful photos

Jaclyn Smith played Kelly Garrett in "Charlie’s Angels," which aired from 1976 until 1981.
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Fox News: Are there any makeup tricks that you learned on set over the years that you apply personally today?
Smith: Oh hundreds, where do I even begin? I’ve been very fortunate to work with some of the most incredible people in hair and makeup. I even developed a wig line. Many women do it as a fashion statement, but many others suffer from hair loss, especially if you’re going through chemo. I wanted to develop something that would make women feel beautiful and confident. That, personally, has been very fulfilling to me.

When it comes to makeup, I have a small face. I love highlighting my cheekbones. Blush and highlighter come in handy. I love natural colors that enhance my appearance. I think a little bit of dark shading goes a long way, too. Do I do that every day? Absolutely not. I like to keep my routine simple. But I think it helps to know your face with the help of a makeup artist because they’re such masters. They can show you what works for your features – and what doesn’t. I’ve learned there’s a certain way to apply lip liner on my lips and how to shade my eyes. I also love learning new tricks on Instagram. And let’s face it, you can never go wrong with some good lighting when taking a photo *laughs*.

Fox News: What’s one style recommendation you would give to women over 50 who want to feel good, but they’re not looking to be their 20something selves again?
Smith: Know your size and shape. Know what looks good on you. Don’t follow trends because style and comfort are lasting. Don’t be afraid to try new things in front of a mirror to see how it really looks on you. Knowing your body is key in finding the right pieces that enhance your personal style.


‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 76, breaks down secrets behind viral youthful photos

Jaclyn Smith, a breast cancer survivor, said it’s important to have a healthy lifestyle.
(Paul Morigi/WireImage)

Fox News: What do you remember the most about “Charlie’s Angels?”
Smith: The girls. They were the heartbeat of the show. We don’t have Farrah [Fawcett] and we don’t have David [Doyle]. That’s very sad for me. But I still talk to Cheryl [Ladd] and Kate [Jackson]. That bond has never ended. “Charlie’s Angels” was a gift. I was certainly typecast and I had to fight for certain roles. But that’s part of life, you fight for what’s right.

The show opened so many doors for me. I don’t think I would have been able to design a clothing line if it weren’t for it. I will always be grateful for that. I think people, at first, were curious or liked Kelly Garrett. But the product made them come back for more. My line is still successful. I’m still making a collection based on pieces I would truly wear all the time. It constantly keeps me inspired. I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a businesswoman and an actress. I’m proud of all of those roles.

Whenever I think about us, I think about how it was a time of such innocence. There were no enhancements. Everybody had their own individual hairstyle. The makeup was more natural. We each had our own individual style. I think people really responded positively to that. It certainly taught me that I didn’t want to lose who I am.

‘Charlie’s Angels’ star Jaclyn Smith, 76, breaks down secrets behind viral youthful photos

Farrah Fawcett, Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. Fawcett passed away in 2009 at age 62.
(Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

Fox News: Do you remember the last time you spoke to Farrah Fawcett?
Smith: Absolutely. She was having dinner at our house. She had made this German chocolate cake that was so delicious. I miss Farrah. I always used to joke that her hair was the fourth angel. Even with all of the pain she was going through, she was still a shining star. She was still so beautiful. Her humor was always there.


That was the last time I saw her. After that, my mom got sick and I went to Houston for four months to be with her. And in that time, [Farrah] passed away. But I remember that hope, that she would beat [her cancer]. She was determined to fight back. I still have beautiful memories of her. I always thought she was quite amazing in how she handled her cancer and how she enlightened people about it. I will always treasure our time together.


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