California Democrat blasts party’s ‘wokeism run amok,’ says Hispanic voters turning on Biden

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President Biden’s “woke” policies are turning off Latinos and many Democrats, a former California state senator warned Friday on “Fox & Friends First.”

“My message is of extreme disappointment. I represented one of the most Democratic Latino districts in California, East L.A. and whether we are Cuban-American in Florida or Mexican-American in South Texas, Nevada or here in California, we are sending a very powerful message to the Democratic Party that enough is enough,” Democrat Gloria Romero told host Joey Jones.

“Today’s party is complete tokenism run amok,” Romero said, adding that the Democratic Party is “nowhere near” the values held by many voters and gone in a different direction than when President Barack Obama won election in 2008 and 2012.


Biden’s approval ratings continue to fall precipitously among Hispanics in the United States.

Biden’s approval ratings among Hispanics are down to 26%, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll. This is a nearly 10 point drop from Biden’s approval rating on April 6, when he maintained approximately 34% of the Hispanic population. Similarly, low approval was reported in most demographics.

California Democrat blasts party's 'wokeism run amok,' says Hispanic voters turning on Biden

FILE – In this Sept. 14, 2020 file photo, President Donald Trump give a thumbs up to the cheering crowd after a Latinos for Trump Coalition roundtable in Phoenix. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File)

“Biden’s 35% job approval among registered voters ties the low that he received in a Quinnipiac University poll on Jan. 12, 2022, when his job approval rating was a negative 35-54%,” Quinnipiaq wrote in their breakdown of the data.

“Among registered voters, 35% approve of Biden’s job performance, while 55% disapprove with 10% not offering an opinion,” the poll analysis added.

California Democrat blasts party's 'wokeism run amok,' says Hispanic voters turning on Biden


Romero said people will be surprised as the decline of Latino support for Democrats intensifies. 

“We’re looking at the economy, we’re looking at approaches to immigration. We’re looking at language, my God. Here in California, among the Latino community, we not only celebrate Mother’s Day, we celebrate two Mother’s Days and the birthing people lingo doesn’t cut it for us. We’re a very entrepreneurial people,” she said.

Fox News’ Timothy H.J. Nerozzi contributed  to this report.


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