Black Guns Matter founder says only ‘acceptable’ gun control is more ‘safe, responsible’ owners saving lives

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Just days before an armed citizen stopped a gunman during a deadly mall shooting, Black Guns Matter and Solutionary Center founder Maj Toure argued the only “acceptable” gun control policy that could prevent future tragedies is safely and responsibly training more firearms owners.

“Is somebody there with a good understanding of sight alignment, sight picture, grip, trigger press, and without disturbing the sight picture as they shoot the bad guy?” Toure told Fox News Digital last Thursday from FreedomFest in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“I want to train and make sure that all American citizens have a working understanding of safe and responsible firearms ownership,” Toure continued, “that if a weirdo comes into Uvalde, to Buffalo or wherever, and attempts to take life, there’s a bunch of free Americans there to stop that threat – simple and plain.”

Toure’s comments come as Indiana authorities publicly praised 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken for neutralizing a man who opened fire in a Greenwood mall that killed three and wounded two others in 15 seconds. Dicken’s actions were hailed as “heroic” and “very tactically sound” in a police statement, despite him having no police or military background.

“The actual answer of more gun control, meaning more safe and responsible firearms owners being there to defend life, is the only type of gun control that’s acceptable to us at Black Guns Matter,” Toure said.


Slamming lawmakers’ efforts to amend or even repeal the Second Amendment in light of the recent mass shootings in Highland Park, Uvalde and Buffalo, Toure challenged that human rights and values “don’t matter as much” if there are no means to defend them.

Black Guns Matter founder says only 'acceptable' gun control is more 'safe, responsible' owners saving lives

Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure discusses gun rights as human rights at FreedomFest 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“The gun control debate was done when the Second Amendment was written. It’s not a debate anymore. It never was a debate,” the gun rights activist and educator said. “There’s people that will pretend as if they’re an authority. The framework of this place is clear: Government is not the authority. So when they’re asking for more gun control or asking us to support it, I say that the government and the state is morally bankrupt.”

He also shut down the notion and terminology of “gun violence.”

“There is no such thing as gun violence. It’s just violence,” Toure said. “And overwhelmingly, when the bad guy is met by good guys and gals with firearms, they put that bad guy, and if we use mass shootings as the litmus test, those guys are either taken into custody when someone with the firearm stops them, or when they address, they wind up taking their own life.”

Answering what direction the gun control debate is heading, Toure noted there will likely never be a time in U.S. history when Americans won’t own firearms.

Black Guns Matter founder says only 'acceptable' gun control is more 'safe, responsible' owners saving lives

Maj Toure answers questions from the crowd during his speech at FreedomFest 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“In the woven framework of this place, there’s a concentrated effort to make sure that the right of the people to keep and bear arms is respected. We can’t separate that from the liberty conversation,” Toure told Fox News. “These are codified human and natural rights, and I don’t care what the unconstitutional statute would attempt to tell me. These things are a list of checks on government, not the other way around.”

“How are you going to get them from us? How are you going to get them? You can f— around and find out,” the Black Guns Matter founder added. “Anyone that doesn’t understand that basic concept should actually crack open the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and have a better understanding of the reason why this is important for safe and responsible gun ownership.”


Black Guns Matter founder says only 'acceptable' gun control is more 'safe, responsible' owners saving lives

Through donations and volunteer hours, Toure’s organization is working to empower Americans with free firearms and conflict resolution training across the country.

“Freedom isn’t free nor is it easy,” Toure said. “And so we’ve got to keep that at the forefront as we rebuild… That’s the thought process that goes into rebuilding and maintaining our republic.”


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