Armie Hammer has been ‘cut off’ from family dynasty

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Armie Hammer has reportedly been “cut off” from his family, leading him to land a job selling timeshares at a resort in the Cayman Islands.

A hotel flyer was posted on social media with a photograph of someone who ly resembled the actor working as a concierge. Armie’s lawyer denied it was him, but days later, sources have confirmed to multiple outlets that the actor is selling timeshares at Morritt’s Resort.

Armie “is currently selling timeshares because he needs the money,” a source told People magazine.

“His dad won’t help him anymore, and he’s been cut off, so he’s got to work.”


Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Armie Hammer is reportedly selling timeshares at a Cayman Islands resort after being "cut off" by his oil tycoon family.

So, who is Armie’s family?

Armie Hammer’s family dynasty

Armand Hammer was the great-grandfather of Armie Hammer. The billionaire oil tycoon was best known for Occidental Petroleum. He ran the company from 1957 until his death in 1990.

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Armie Hammer’s great grandfather Armand Hammer is pictured on his private plane.
(Bertrand Laforet/Gamma-Rapho)

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Armand Hammer rose to prominence due to the money he made running Occidental Petroleum. He ran the company from 1957 until his death in 1990.
(Jeff Goode/Toronto Star)

Armand was also well known for his scandals, and a book was written about the billionaire’s life in 1996 by Jay Epstein, “Dossier: The Secret History of Armand Hammer.”

Epstein told the story of a man who had many mistresses, laundered money and participated in Soviet espionage. He hung around with important people, including Prince Charles and Senator Al Gore Sr.

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Armand Hammer appears at a polo match with friend Prince Charles.
(Tim Graham Photo Library)

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

President Reagan, Soviet leader Gorbachev and Armand Hammer meet at a Grand Kremlin Palace summit fete.
(Diana Walker)

Armand also made appearances at many presidential inaugurations, including Franklin D. Roosevelt’s, Ronald Reagan’s, and George H. W. Bush’s.

The Hammer family did not create the baking soda brand Arm & Hammer, but Armand did invest in the company after attempting to buy it, according to Vanity Fair.

Armie Hammer’s father Michael Hammer was given Armand’s business empire once the billionaire passed, ultimately bypassing Armand’s own son Julian. Michael continues to run the Hammer International Foundation, the Armand Hammer Foundation and a handful of other businesses, according to reports.

Michael is known for his party boy persona, similar to that of Armie himself.


The actor previously explained how his father met his mother, Dru Ann Mobley, in an interview with Vulture.

“My dad was supposed to be on a flight, went to the airport and got hammered and passed out … He missed his flight, woke up and was like, ‘Oh God, I have a meeting,'” he recalled.

Michael rebooked his flight and ended up sitting next to Mobley. The two later married and welcomed Armie and his brother Viktor.

The actor’s parents divorced in 2012 after 27 years of marriage.

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Before Hammer’s controversy involving women accusing him of sexual and emotional abuse, the actor was married to Elizabeth Chambers.
(Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan)


Who is Armie Hammer?

Despite his financially rich family line, Armie has been outspoken about his independence. Hammer previously confirmed his independence from his family in 2017 when he couldn’t pay off a bet he made with a filmmaker.

“I’m really proud of that,” he said of supporting himself and his family.

“It would literally bankrupt me, and I need to buy diapers tomorrow,” he said about the bet, according to Vanity Fair.

Before Armie reportedly became “totally broke,” his Hollywood career had been on the rise.

The actor launched his career with “The Social Network” and continued to grab bigger and better roles. At the beginning of his career, Armie was doing well, with his names attached to titles such as “J. Edgar,” “Mirror Mirror,” “The Lone Ranger” and more.

However, his career took a hit when articles were written about him that featured headlines like “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen.”

Armie seemed to bounce back in 2017 after he was cast in the film “Call Me By Your Name.” The movie received an Oscar for best adapted screenplay and was nominated for best picture.

Armie Hammer has been 'cut off' from family dynasty

Hammer’s career seemed to be on the rise after he was cast in the Oscar-winning film "Call Me By Your Name."
(Matteo Nardone/Pacific Press/LightRocket)


The actor was nominated for a Golden Globe for the role.

However, after that success, Armie hit a rough patch when his wife Elizabeth Chambers filed for divorce. Months later, multiple women came forward to accuse the actor of sexual and emotional abuse.

More than one of his alleged ex-girlfriends also claimed Armie had discussed sexual fantasies that involved cannibalism.

After the alleged sexual abuse and cannibalism fantasy controversy in January 2021, Armie exited two major projects — a romcom involving Jennifer Lopez and a series following the making of “The Godfather.”

It’s unclear if Armie plans a return to Hollywood.


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